Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, a deposit of £150 is required in order to secure your place at any event you have booked on to. Unfortunately, people have abused the voluntary system to get free entry and then disappeared. Upon completion of all events you have registered, your deposit is refundable minus a £10 admin fee.

I have volunteered with Festaxi before, do I have to pay?
Yes I'm afraid so, all volunteers must pay a deposit.

Do I need to pay this all in one go?
The deposit cannot be paid in installments. We may look to implement a staggered payment scheme, but for now the deposit must be paid in full.

Can I pay for other people?
You can pay somebody else's deposit and must be done via their account. Please be aware that it you pay for someone else that you are then responsible for their deposit. So we recommend you ask them to cover their fee to prevent future arguments.

When I make a payment what happens?
Your deposit is held in a PayPal account until it is ready to be refunded.

How do I get my deposit back?
Once you have successfully completed your final event with us you will need to request your deposit via the deposit section in your profile. This will then be authorised for refund (minus admin fee) unless you have been informed otherwise.

What happens if I cancel before the festival?
If you cancel 3 weeks or more before the arrival day at your nominated festival, and are not working at other festivals later in the year, you will be charged a £5 cancellation fee i.e. your deposit will be returned less £15 (£10 admin and £5 cancellation fee). If you cancel less than 3 weeks but at least 2 weeks before a festival you will be charged a £15 cancellation fee i.e. your deposit will be returned less £25 in total. If you cancel more than one festival within the timescales above you will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee for each one you cancel. And it is likely that we will contact you to make sure that you are going to turn up and not cause us more problems.

If you cancel with less than two weeks before you are due to arrive - you will lose all of your deposit.

If you don't show - you will lose all of your deposit and be removed from our database.

If you are late arriving and we are not aware of or agreed this - you will lose all your deposit and the right to entry to the festival itself.


Illness - if you tell us as soon as possible and provide a valid sick note we will of course consider your case. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.

Other - If you tell us as soon as possible and can provide documentary evidence we will consider your case. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.

Standby list - If you have been, or asked to be, added to a standby list and are not selected your deposit is not affected. If this is your only festival your deposit will be returned in full, minus the admin fee..

Late arriving - if we are aware of good reason for your late arrival then we will consider your circumstances - please make lots of attempts to let us know though!

Why do I lose all of my deposit if I cancel within two weeks?
It takes a lot of hard work recruiting for each event. The last two weeks before the event are used to finalise details with the event organiser and leaves no time for recruitment. This leaves us no choice but to use your deposit to recruit via an agency.

What happens if I get too intoxicated to work my shift
If you miss a shift or turn up unfit fit for work then you run the risk of losing your deposit and being removed from site. Plan your fun, as there will be plenty of time for you to go crazy. If you run into problems then approach us and we will try and help you. So party on - but after your shift - not immediately before or during! Anybody missing a shift or turning up for shift in a state that we deem as ‘unfit for work’ will lose their deposit and immediately be escorted from the event premises. NB: We do have breathalizers, so please don't think your sunglasses will be a suitable cover.

If I have to cancel, can one of my mates take my place?
They can, as long as we have not overrun the accreditation deadline. They will need to pay their own deposit.

What happens to my deposit if I apply very late for a festival i.e. less than two weeks before, and then cancel my place?
Please only apply if you know you can definitely turn up. If you don't /cancel/etc this causes us even more headaches and work than cancellations from those who have been down to appear for some time.

You will lose all of your deposit.

Are there any other ways that I could lose my deposit?
Yes. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of entry into any of the events that you sign up to. To find these please go to each specific event website (not this website). If you want to see the terms and conditions but cannot find them then please contact us. If you do not abide by the terms and conditions of entry to an event (the same terms and conditions that customers agree to when they purchase a ticket) you run the risk of losing your deposit, being escorted off of site and even handed over to the appropriate authorities.